BOOKKEEPING = The Heart & Soul of ASG Businesswomen Corporate Marketing Working Concept

We have a passion for learning our client’s business and how can we help perpetuate its GROWTH! Good bookkeeping practices are the most important part of your business!

So let’s Begin at the Beginning, Shall We?


  • Bookkeeping is an ESSENTIAL business practice.
  • Books are indicative of what is working well, and what’s not working so well.
  • Books are to your business what a CT Scan is to your body.
  • Your bookkeeper can help you explore questions such as…
    • Are my costs really relative to my expenses?
    • Am I on-trend to lose money?
    • Am I prepared for my tax liability?
    • Have I put back too much or too little for a downturn?

Our team of CERTIFIED BOOKKEEPERS will provide you with the data to make better, more informed decisions on how to MANAGE and GROW your business.

Who can be a BOOKKEEPER? Did you know there are ZERO required regulations overseeing this industry? That’s pretty scary to think you’re putting your livelihood in the hands of someone who simply calls themselves a bookkeeper or worse, someone who “does books on the side.”  (Listen to how crazy that sounds!!) What makes ASG different than the rest? We go the extra mile to ensure that our bookkeepers are the most knowledgeable in the industry.  Not only does ASG train in-house, but we seek third-party entities and obtain their certifications.

What SOFTWARE does ASG use? At ASG, we use QuickBooks Desktop software EXCLUSIVELY.  We have found this to be the most robust program out there.  While we use the accounting version not available to those outside the industry, it still exports beautifully to the market version that is easily obtained (and cost-effective) for our clients.

What is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?  To be a QuickBooks ProAdvisor is to be one of the finest trained bookkeepers in the industry.  ASG’s Team of ProAdvisors has completed hundreds of hours of specified training and product know-how at the cost of thousands of dollars in order to give our clients the BEST of the BEST.

Why Do I Need a ProAdvisor? Aside from their knowledge base, ASG’s ProAdvisors have an entire community of QuickBooks software, training, and support.  We are precise, efficient and LEADERS in our industry.  We are KNOWLEDGEABLE, ACCURATE, and DEPENDABLE.

What is the MORE for LESS Strategy? Need a budget?  Need to identify holes in your finances?  Need to diversify?  Not only are ASG’s bookkeepers able to keep track of your finances, but we are able to communicate through a variety of trending reports that will educate you on your business performance.  You get so much MORE for so much LESS.

Will ASG File my Personal Taxes?  Our bookkeepers do not file personal or business tax returns.  ASG bookkeepers are the liaison between your everyday business activity and your tax-preparer, or Certified Public Accountant. CPAs love to work with ASG bookkeepers, and us with them!  We are a complementary team and will work together to put you and your business first.

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